Profiles in Resilience was inspired by the extraordinary work individuals and communities are doing to advance the HIV response. This project is a celebration of the people behind the movement. It’s a chance to bring to life their vital, complex and inspiring stories.

By pairing HIV activists with local visual artists, beautiful, diverse works of art were created. The resulting gallery of images embody the theme of the AIDS 2020 Conference: Resilience. Powerful words from extraordinary people are amplified by the addition of bold, thoughtfully crafted visual interpretations. These images are a product of collaboration at its finest. They exemplify the power of teamwork—the core truth that the only way we will end AIDS is together.

Each month leading up to the AIDS 2020 Conference, a new Profile will appear in the online gallery and on the AIDS 2020 social channels. Each month, a Profile will be exploring key aspects of resilience – resilience in science, resilience in policy, resilience in financing, resilient communities, and resilient individuals.