We are grateful to the supporters of the AIDS 2020: Virtual scholarship programme

The Global Fund
Levi Strauss Foundation
Public Health Canada

The International AIDS Society Scholarship Programme is a proud winner of the ICCA BestCities Incredible Impacts award, which recognizes its unique legacy and societal impact beyond the conference.


The AIDS 2020: Virtual Scholarship Programme will be the largest ever, providing support to over 1,700 delegates to attend the virtual conference. Conference organizers are committed to ensure that resource-constrained settings and individuals are equipped and empowered to participate in AIDS 2020: Virtual. In prioritizing the participation in the programme of groups and individuals from these settings, the conference creates pathways for the direct dissemination of scientific knowledge and best practices from the conference to local programmes and individuals in communities where it can be actively and effectively implemented.

If you applied for a scholarship, your application will still be considered and the programme remains a core part of AIDS2020: Virtual. Increased support will be provided to selected scholarship recipients in the form of:

  • Full access to AIDS 2020: Virtual
  • Enriched and tailored remote content providing educational opportunities before and during the conference
  • Dedicated support from the Scholarships and Technical team


The AIDS 2020 Scholarship Programme is open to everyone with experience in HIV and AIDS who is at least 16 years of age by 6 July 2020. This programme provides financial assistance to help people who would otherwise be unable to benefit from the conference.

Only applicants who completed an individual scholarship application in English via our online application platform are eligible for a scholarship to attend AIDS 2020: Virtual.

Priority was given to:

  • Abstract presenters, workshop facilitators or Global Village and Youth Programme activity organizers whose submission has been selected: all eligible applications were granted support for the conference.
  • People living with HIV (particularly women living with HIV), young people and those who belong to key or vulnerable populations and who demonstrate capacity and willingness to transfer the skills and knowledge acquired at the conference to help enhance projects in their own communities
  • Applicants who did not previously receive a scholarship for an International AIDS Conference.

An AIDS 2020 Scholarship Working Group, made up of five AIDS 2020 committee members, is guiding this programme and helped review and score scholarship applications.

In addition to the 1,772 scholarships awarded by the AIDS 2020 Scholarship Programme, 448 are offered by the IAS Educational Fund to support clinicians, healthcare workers and other HIV service providers, as well as HIV advocates.