The AIDS 2020: Virtual exhibition will serve as an interactive exchange for delegates and exhibitors showcasing their work and products.

The virtual exhibition will be an interactive 3D environment which allows you to engage with exhibitors via a variety of online tools. You will be able to explore the exhibition 24-hours a day wherever you are in the world, save information for viewing later, and discover the various products and services available to you from different organizations and industry leaders in the HIV sector.

We are delighted to have both commercial and non-commercial organizations participating in the exhibition and we look forward to sharing details on those exhibiting over the coming weeks.


To book a virtual booth please contact exhibition@aids2020.org

AIDS 2020: Virtual is the first virtual edition of the International AIDS Conference and an important opportunity to reach the world’s leading HIV professionals – scientists, healthcare providers, policymakers, researchers and people living with HIV. As an Exhibitor, the conference gives you an innovative and interactive global platform to host discussions and disseminate information on HIV science, research and policy.

Benefits for exhibitors

The virtual exhibition provides new opportunities to engage with an expanded global digital audience to discuss the programmes, products or services at the heart of your work. With reduced registration fees and no need for visas, travel and accommodation anymore, forge new connections and grow your organization’s reach by being a part of the AIDS 2020: Virtual Exhibition.

  • Open from 6 – 10 July, 24-hours a day. Booth staffing at the exhibitors` discretion.
  • Company listing on:
    • AIDS 2020: Virtual exhibition webpage
    • Index on entry to virtual exhibition
  • Free conference registrations (a limited number per package) – exhibitor access to the booth managed separately.
  • Exhibition marketing to all registered delegates

Exhibition Packages

All exhibition packages include:

  • Booth with logo, company name, company description (max 1500 characters) and representative headshots and bios
  • Multi-media (documents, audio, video, links, including links to exhibitors own live streaming, webinars and private meetings)
  • Social media (3 links)
  • 1:1 text chat
  • Group chat function (1 public group chat)
  • Booth statistics (shared once at the end of the conference)
  • Virtual brief case
  • Full conference access (number awarded per package)
  • Technical support for booth set-up and during the conference

Additional benefits per package

Benefits specified by packagePackage DPackage CPackage C+Package BPackage A
Booth specificationsStandardStandardStandard (larger)Semi-customizedCustomized
Booth placement
Tier 4Tier 3Tier 3 + premium placement within tier 3Tier 2Tier 1
Multi-media upload capability
(no. of upload areas/screens & uploads per screen)
3 screens,
4 uploads per screen
4 screens,
5 uploads per screen
5 screens,
6 uploads per screen
At exhibitors choice, depending on booth designAt exhibitors choice, depending on booth design
Extended booth statistics + increased availability+ once during conference+ once during conference+ twice during conference+ shared daily
1 push notification in the exhibition hall lobby on a selected dayYesYesYesYes
Looped branding in exhibition hall lobbyYesYes
Intro/Welcome video (on entry to booth)YesYes
No. of conference passes 34456

Exhibition package price

PackagesPackage DPackage CPackage C+Package BPackage A
Non-commercial$6,100$12,200$18,300$24,400Price on enquiry
$7,300$14,600$21,900$29,200Price on enquiry

Please note:

  • Prices are in US dollars.
  • No tax is applicable.


AIDS 2020: Virtual – Terms & Conditions for Satellites and Exhibition – available soon

Contact the AIDS 2020: Virtual – Exhibition team