The San Francisco and Oakland Youth Force represents youth perspectives during AIDS 2020.

Young people will play an active role in all aspects of the conference. We will not only be delegates, but will also be activity organizers, speakers, leaders and peers.

We aim to be the driving force behind an inclusive and meaningful youth programme that will represent young voices from around the world. As part of the Global Village, youth gets to set its own programming, which demonstrates the work and struggles of young people worldwide.

Our mission: To structurally destigmatize HIV & AIDS and contribute to the prevention of new infections by empowering young people. We aim to do so by mobilizing young people, strengthening youth voices and providing young people with opportunities for active participation so that the youth perspective cannot be ignored.

Youth Force

San Francisco and Oakland Youth Force (SFOYF) working groups

Advocacy Working Group

  • Ensure that key objectives for the SFOYF are met.
  • Produce advocacy tools and campaigns as preparation for the AIDS 2020 Global Village and Youth Programme.
  • Youth Pre-Conference Working Group 

    • Plan and coordinate activities and sessions for the youth pre-conference.

    Communications Working Group

    • Work with the IAS Communications team to ensure that messaging is consistent with AIDS 2020, maintaining the theme of Resilience
    • Manage and develop content for the SFOYF website and all social media channels (for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
    • Review all publications and materials produced by SFOYF to ensure use of sensitive language and proper grammar.

    Global Village Programming Working Group 

    • Mentor young people interested in submitting applications for the Global Village and Youth Programme, including the Youth Positive Lounge and Youth Village.
    • Develop a programme for the Youth Village and work with the AIDS 2020 Secretariat to execute it.
    • Plan and coordinate accepted activities and booths for the Global Village and Youth Programme.