Pre-conferences give their organizers access to all AIDS 2020 delegates, with on-site logistics solutions, on the two days immediately before the conference (4 and 5 July).

Pre-conferences can host 100 to 1,000-plus participants. Organizers have full discretion over the programme and participation; they decide if their meeting is open or invite only and if it is free or requires additional registration.

Timeline and pre-conference selection process

To host a pre-conference, organizations and companies need to submit a letter of interest to by 14 January 2020 that includes:

  • A brief description of the focus for the event
  • The scope and size of the event
  • The preferred location (San Francisco or Oakland)
  • Preferred date(s) (4 and/or 5 July)

Due to the popularity of the pre-conference programme, applications are reviewed and selected on a rolling basis. Organizers will be informed if their submission has been accepted by 30 January 2020.

Package options



Venue rental

Rooms are set up in a theatre style. Alternative set ups are available, but may be subject to additional costs and a reduction in capacity.

Audio-visual equipment

Basic AV equipment (one lectern, microphones, one projector and one screen, one preview monitor, sound system, technician/s) is provided. Additional AV requirements are charged separately.

Programme development

An online planner is available in April to enable pre-conference organizers to share speakers, create complementary programming and prevent conflicts of content or speakers.


Pre-conference attendees should be registered AIDS 2020 delegates. To accommodate participants not attending the conference, each pre-conference organizer will receive a number of free registrations based on the package booked:

  • Small: 15 day passes for the day of the pre-conference
  • Medium: 25 day passes for the day of the pre-conference
  • Large: 45 day passes for the day of the pre-conference
  • Large+: 55 day passes for the day of the pre-conference.

Day passes can be distributed at the organizers’ discretion. Organizers can buy additional day passes.


Pre-conference speakers and organizers have access to the speaker centre to upload presentations through the presentation distribution system. On-site support is provided at no additional charge. Presentations cannot be uploaded directly in the room.


AIDS 2020 will be able to confirm which attendees are supported by conference scholarships to enable pre-conference organizers to determine how to best distribute their own scholarships.


Key announcements, updates and promotions around pre-conference programming are incorporated into AIDS 2020 communications, including social media and digital activity.

Safety and security

Pre-conferences benefit from the security services and entrance control used for the conference. Medical services for pre-conference participants will be available.

Services and suppliers

Pre-conference organizers have access to the official conference suppliers, benefitting from well-negotiated and competitive prices for optional services, including catering, signage, branding, recording, shipping and hostesses.

Based on the size of the pre-conference meeting, the following packages are available:

  • Small
  • Less than 300
  • US$14,000
  • Medium
  • 300 – 499
  • US$17,000
  • Large
  • 500 – 999
  • US$21,000
  • Large +
  • 1000+
  • US$29,000

If required, breakout rooms and offices can be booked if they are available and at an additional cost.

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Pre-conference organizers are welcome to host walk-in, sign-up or invitation-only events.

  • For walk-in pre-conferences, attendance will be first come, first served, based on room capacity.
  • For sign-up pre-conferences, the organizer will handle the sign-up process for attendees (including the system required to do so) and the access check on site.
  • For invite-only pre-conferences, the organizer will handle the invitation process and the access check on site.

At the organizers’ discretion, pre-conferences may charge additional fees for attendance. Any fee would be in addition to conference registration and must be managed by the organizer.

Pre-conference organizers will be able to contact the AIDS 2020 Conference Secretariat to enquire if specific individuals have applied for a scholarship (as of February 2020) or awarded a scholarship (as of April 2020). Requests should be submitted in one list. No additional information about scholarship applicants or recipients will be shared (such as gender and age). International scholarships provided by AIDS 2020 do not cover the days of the pre-conferences. Pre-conference organizers who wish to award their own scholarships are welcome to do so separately from the conference system. Please note that AIDS 2020 is not able to provide funding for pre-conference speakers.


Programme development
An online tool will be available in April 2020 for pre-conference organizers to share speakers, create complementary programming and prevent conflicts of content or speakers. Pre-conference organizers will be able to enter their programme into an online portal in line with the timeline provided by the AIDS 2020 Pre-Conference team. If complete content is not uploaded by the deadline, the pre-conference may not be included in the public conference programme.


By March 2020, details of confirmed pre-conferences will be announced on the AIDS 2020 website, including their title, date, attendance (walk-in or sign-up or invitation-only event), capacity and short description (maximum of 150 words).

Once all pre-conferences are confirmed, key announcements, updates and promotions will be incorporated into AIDS 2020 communications, including social media and the conference website. This will include:

  • A media announcement of the pre-conference schedule as part of the AIDS 2020 media advisory
  • At least two AIDS 2020 emails sent to the official marketing list as part of the larger registration marketing series
  • An AIDS 2020 email sent to all registered delegates, which includes final pre-conference programme details
  • Regular social media promotion of both the full programme and individual pre-conference meetings through AIDS 2020 social media channels.

Pre-conference organizers will manage all attendee communications for their specific meeting. AIDS 2020 organizers will send updates through an email to all conference delegates and individuals who register to receive updates through the AIDS 2020 website. Organizers inviting non-conference delegates to attend pre-conference meetings can share the “Sign up for AIDS 2020 News” link with contacts who wish to receive updates relating to pre-conference meetings.

Pre-conference organizers are encouraged to share updates to be promoted through AIDS 2020 digital channels where appropriate.

There will be a dedicated pre-conferences webpage on the AIDS 2020 website, which will make it possible for each pre-conference organizer to promote their event. A complete description of the event will be posted on the online programme and, after the event, presentations can be posted to the online programme.

If pre-conference organizers decide to film their events, these recordings can be posted on the online programme. If this option is of interest, we highly recommend that pre-conference organizers secure professional recording services. The AIDS 2020 Conference Secretariat reserves the right to decline content that is not accessible due to poor picture or sound quality.

Room set up and AV

Session rooms will contain the following equipment:

  • Lectern with microphone, laptop and mouse
  • Stage set up with microphone/s for chairpersons (number of microphones depending on room package)
  • Projector and screen displaying PowerPoint presentations for the audience
  • Preview monitor for chairpersons
  • Sound system
  • Conference lighting
  • Technician/s
  • Conference branding.


Pre-conference organizers may order additional AV requirements and recordings through the official conference suppliers at their own costs.

All session rooms will be prepared in theatre style. Other seating arrangements are possible if ordered by the organizer through the official build-up supplier, subject to secretariat approval. Organizers should be aware that alternative set-up styles may impact seating capacity and incur additional set-up costs.

Organizers will have access to the room from 08:00 to 18:00. Advance access is not possible.

The speaker centre is open to help with uploading presentations to the conference system. It will not be possible to upload presentations directly in the session rooms.

A limited number of breakout rooms for 50 to 75 people are available and can be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

The media centre will be open during the pre-conferences. Any media attending a pre-conference meeting must be accredited through the AIDS 2020 media registration process. Pre-conference organizers will not have direct access to the AIDS 2020 media list.

Food outlet/s will be available within the venue for delegates to purchase hot/cold drinks, snacks or lunch items during the pre-conference meeting days. If a pre-conference has catering requirements, arrangements can be made directly through the venue. Catering will be set up inside or outside the room depending on space availability and the catering requested. Any catering space outside of the room must be pre-approved by the Conference Secretariat and the venue.

Print signage
One pull-up/retractable sign (maximum size: 950mm x 2,000mm) per pre-conference may be placed in the corridor at the entrance to the main room. Additional signage within each room may be used on stage or within the room depending on space. This signage, such as lectern signs, should be arranged directly with the official signage supplier. To ensure seamless coordination, pre-conference organizers should submit signage layout and planning for approval by the Conference Secretariat prior to production.

Shipping arrangements can be made directly with DB Schenker, the official conference shipper, enabling pre-conference organizers to benefit from our shipping rates.

AIDS 2020 has acquired the best rates in various price categories for delegates and groups, and we strongly recommend booking through the online accommodation portal. For group accommodation bookings (more than 10 rooms), the details, including arrival and departure dates, number of rooms, price range and any other requirements, should be sent to