Our Global Harvest

by Damon Powell

My mission statement is: “To give divine light form through the manifestation of symbolic images that encourage reflection upon the myriad ways the divine reveals itself within our world.” I felt that Rob’s quote was directly in line with my mission statement and I wanted to reflect the wellspring of resilience and hope within the HIV/AIDS community as we continue to stay the course until there is a cure. – Damon Powell

Damon Powell – Artist Bio
The Reverend Damon Powell Ph.D. (@dpartandtheo on Instagram) is an independent scholar who resides in Oakland, California- USA. Damon is an artist and theologian whose interdisciplinary research explores the intersections between art, aesthetics, and theology within the Black-American context. Damon has also spent the last 11 years serving the HIV/AIDS community in various capacities.

Rob Newells – Stakeholder Bio
Rob is the Executive Director of the AIDS Project of the East Bay. He leads the community-based organization dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV and supporting individuals living with the virus through programs targeted at some of the most vulnerable and marginalized individuals in Alameda County. He is also an Associate Minister at the Imani Community Church in Oakland.