Journey of Resilience

by Randolph and Daria Belle

Daria Belle: Daria felt honored to participate in such a big moment as the AIDS 2020 project. The AIDS movement aligns with her social justice work and it was a pleasure to lend her talents.

Randolph Belle: It was a pretty seamless process working with his daughter on this project- Randolph developed a loose sketch based on a conversation with project coordinators and Daria took it from there, adding some key elements and coloration.

Daria Belle
Daria Belle is a 14- year old artist and storyteller from Oakland, CA. She recently graduated from the 8th grade at Yu Ming Charter School, a Mandarin Immersion school. Daria has done several commissions, created a line of greeting cards, and completed two cohorts of an internship with the Collective Action Studio.

Randolph Belle
Born and raised in San Francisco, Randolph Belle has lived and worked in Oakland for 30 years as an artist, entrepreneur, arts administrator, and community development consultant. He and his wife currently run RBA Creative, a co-working space for creatives. He also runs a communications and public affairs consulting business.  Randolph has served in numerous civic

Journey of Resilience