Now, in 2020 – we are at a pivotal moment — 60% of Africa is 25 years old or younger – this percentage of youth provides an opportunity for us to change the landscape. Not only are we just ten years away from the SDG targets, but we are also facing another global pandemic. 

COVID-19 is putting extreme pressure on health systems globally and restricting access to HIV services and support. 

We need to take action at AIDS 2020!


  1. At AIDS2020, we need to ask world leaders to make a public statement – commit to funding for young people. We need to ask this question at all sessions, we attend. 
  2. Say Hello to other conference attendees, introduce yourself and tell them exactly what you would like to do together! 
  3. After the Conference, It sounds simple, but we need to work together. Find alternative ways of doing youth-HIV work in this new context
    We’re all online now, so we need to be flexible, even if it requires a voice note on WhatsApp, as opposed to an email.
  4. Share your HIV Story. We built a website to share your personal HIV story to be part of LiveLiveLoving (, an online portal for young people living with HIV.
  5. We live in a COVID-19 world. We need to continue being innovative and listen to each other. We created a 25+ language campaign called HeyCOVID19 (, to make COVID-19 information accessible to everyone. 
  6. Be Kind. We are human beings and if we remember this through our activism, we can achieve greater good, by collaborating with each other.