Announcing AIDS 2020: Virtual DAILY

The official AIDS 2020: Virtual studio show in partnership with +Life.

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AIDS 2020 Studio show

AIDS 2020: Virtual DAILY breaks presents the best in breaking HIV science from the 23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020: Virtual). The 15-minute daily show also features high profile guests, as well as community members from all over the world engaging in conversation with host – ABC’s entertainment correspondent and +Life co-founder Karl Schmid – sharing their insights, personals stories of resilience, and how we can get to the heart of stigma.

From Monday, 6 July – Friday, 10 July the DAILY show will feature guests including Dr Anthony Fauci, Dr Alan McOwan, Oğuzhan Nuh, Billy Porter, Romesa Roy, an MTV Shuga special and many more.

Stay tuned to see the full line-up and schedule!

AIDS 2020: Virtual DAILY in partnership with +Life.

+Life has made it their mission to destigmatize HIV through insightful interviews, the latest in HIV news and information, candid conversations about sex and health, and first-person accounts of those living with HIV.