#CelebrateUU builds on the concept of U=U, calling on individuals living with HIV/AIDS to start recognizing and celebrating our anniversaries of having an undetectable viral load. We celebrate years in recovery from addiction, or years in remission for various cancers. Why not CELEBRATE reaching undetectable status!?!
There are 5 simple steps:
  • SIGN: Use a sign similar to the example
  • SELFIE: Take a selfie
  • HASHTAGS: Include the hashtags #CelebrateUU, #UU6, #UequalsU (replacing the 6 with how many years you’ve been undetectable!)
  • STORY: Answer the question “What would it mean to me to end the HIV epidemic?“
  • SHARE: Share to your social media and tag us @CelebrateUU on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter